Kuliah Umum SGA di Melbourne

“Communicating the Unspeakable: The Secret Codes of Indonesian Literature”

SGA Melbourne
2013 Walter Mangold Visiting Fellow

According to the French literary historian Henri Chambert-Loir, ‘to know and understand a group, its languages should be observed; not only the official or standard language, but also its code languages or “javanais”‘.

In this lecture, Dr Ajidarma will focus on the history, development and socio-political contexts of various secret language codes in Indonesian literature.

Dr Seno Gumira AjidarmaDr Seno Gumira Ajidarma is author of seven novels, more than ten collections of short stories, and numerous essays. Both in his fiction and non-fiction, he has been a keen and courageous observer of sensitive socio-political issues, such as restrictions on the freedom of expression in Indonesia and military violence in East Timor.

Dr Ajidarma is known for the credo “When journalism is silenced, literature must speak”, the title of his 1997 collection of essays Ketika jurnalisme dibungkam, sastra harus bicara. With his work, he has won several national and international awards, including the 1997 S.E. Write Award (South East Asian Writers Award). Some of his work has been translated into English.

Dr Ajidarma holds a PhD in Literature from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. He is currently a Lecturer at the Postgraduate Program of the Jakarta Institute of Art (IKJ) and various other universities in Jakarta.

Walter Mangold Faculty of Arts

Wednesday, 4 September 2013 | 6.30pm

Public Lecture Theatre
Old Arts Building
The University of Melbourne

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